Boost your career through education!

Investing in Education is one of the best ways to develop a career in any area – and so it is in sports too.

Wanna meet the alumni and admissions teams of the most prestigious sports management programs?

Attend the iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo for FREE and connect, live, with the best sports management programs.
Several alumni from leading sports management programs today hold senior positions at world-class organizations such as FIFA, IOC, UEFA, Formula 1, Nike, Adidas, NBA, top football clubs, and many others.

The next edition of the event happens over 2 days, on October 27th and November 3rd, 2021.

If you are considering enrolling in a sports management program – in person or online, long-term or short-term – this event is for you.

You will get all the information and the advice you’ll need to help you decide what is the best program for you. 


  • Easily find the programs that are relevant for you all in one place; 
  • Have live video calls with programs’ admissions teams as well as with former students;
  • Watch live interactive presentations at the virtual auditorium, and have your questions answered by experts;
  • Watch, save or download videos, brochures and all the available content;
  • As in an in-person event, connect and network with attendees from around the world;
  • Optimize your time by booking your meetings before the event;
  • Coaching sessions: learn how to stand out among hundreds of candidates;
  • All for FREE.


27 October 20213 November 2021
Time (per time zones)Time (per time zones)
CEST: from 9h to 15hCET: from 17h to 23h
GMT: from 7H to 13H
GMT: from 16H to 22H
BST: from 8H to 14H
BT: from 16H to 22H
EST: from 3H to 9H
EST: from 12H to 18H
PST: from 0H to 6H
PST: from 9H to 15H
IST: from 12:30H to 18:30H 
IST: from 21:30H to 3:30H(+1 day) 

CET: Central European Time
CEST: Central European Summer Time
GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
BT: British Time
BST: British Summer Time
EST: US Eastern Summer Time
PST: US Pacific Summer Time
IST: Indian Standard Time

More About the Education Virtual Expo

The iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo is the first-ever digital admissions fair for top sport management programmes, which delivers many of the benefits of traditional MBA fairs – and much more – without the inconvenience and prohibitive costs of attending in person.
The first-of-its-kind digital event is designed to allow all interested in pursuing or boosting a career in sport to digitally connect and interact with some of the best sports management programmes in the world.
For all interested in a sport management course, this is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY, as over the course of the Virtual Expo they will be able to speak directly with the staff and alumni of several renowned and highly ranked programmes.

Do you want to EXHIBIT at the Education Virtual Expo?
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