Season 2 of LIVE Interview Series: Completed!

Dear friends, we’re happy to announce that the 2nd season of the iWorkinSport LIVE Interview Series is completed! 

Despite the challenges of 2020, the series has been a great success, and we are very excited for what is to come. 

We are sure you learned from each of the great professionals we met during these 10 episodes, and we could not be more thankful for everyone’s engagement and interaction throughout the series. 

A big thank you to all of the interviewees, who shared their time to tell us about their experience in sports and provide us all with fantastic insights into the world we all love so much. 

If you missed an episode, check below, you will find the links to all episodes of Season 2. 

We want to take this opportunity to also tell you that we are already working on a third season of the iWorkinSport Live Interview series. Follow us on social media and stay tuned - we have great plans for 2021!


Sporting regards,

Joao Frigerio

Founder, iWorkinSport


iWorkinSport Live Interview Series – Season 2

Episode 1 – Michael Payne, the first IOC Marketing Director

Episode 2 – Misha Sher, Global Vice President of Sport and Entertainment at Mediacom

Episode 3 – Frank Leenders, Director General at FIBA Media and Marketing Services

Episode 4 – T. Bettina Cornwell, Professor of Marketing at the University of Oregon

Episode 5 – Pierre Ducrey, Olympic Games Operations Director at the IOC

Episode 6 – Samson Adamu, Competitions Director at CAF

Episode 7 – Mario Medeiros, Executive Commercial Director at FIVB

Episode 8 – Marcus Luer, Founder and CEO at Total Sports Asia

Episode 9 – Pedro Trengrouse, Lawyer and Sports Business Consultant

Episode 10 – Raphael Fiche, Senior Brand Recruiter at Adidas