iWorkinSport launches the Education Match-Up Quiz

Each year there are thousands of prospective students looking for information on advancing their careers through a sports management course. Like other sites, iWorkinSport already provides plenty of information about several top programs. However, until now it was difficult for the potential candidates to figure out which options align best with their personal situation.

Today iWorkinSport announces the launch of the iWorkinSport Match-Up Quiz. The quiz helps candidates find the best sports administration programs based on their unique needs and desires.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prospective students take a fast, entertaining and engaging QUIZ, in which they insert relevant information about themselves and their academic interests. 

  2. Instantaneously the students receive an unbiased, AI-generated recommendation with the top 3 programs that best match their profile. The recommendation includes links to additional information about each of the recommended programs.

  3. The students are encouraged to explore the recommended programs further, arming them with the required information to make informed decisions about programs and admissions processes.

The Match-Up Quiz not only benefits prospective sports administration students but also helps sports administration institutions advertise their programs and identify prospective students who are a good fit for their programs. Participating institutions receive the names and email addresses of the prospective students to whom their programs are recommended. This serves as an initial connection point between institutions and prospective students, which can be strengthened through personalized outreach and communication.

Are you a prospective student considering sports administration courses? 

Are you a sports administration institution interested in listing your program on the iWorkinSport Match-Up Quiz? 

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About iWorkinSport

iWorkinSport was created in 2017 with the aim to organize the first truly international career fair focused on the sports industry. It enables some of the most renowned organizations to meet, interview and recruit students and alumni from the most prestigious sport management programs in the world.


In addition to the traditional Job Fair, iWorkinSport organizes two online events: the Education Virtual Expo and the Virtual Job Fair. Recently, the company has extended its online offerings, to be in line with its updated vision and mission statement.


iWorkinSport's mission is to connect and provide solutions and opportunities to all stakeholders in the field of career development in sport - be it candidates, employers, employees, students, prospective students, academic programs, HR professionals, recruitment agencies, consultants, career coaches, etc - as well as to produce, aggregate and curate content and knowledge relevant to all of them.

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