EVENTS YOU CAN'T MISS: Must Attend Sports Business Industry Events From Now Until the end of 2023

If you're looking to supercharge your career in the world of sports, consider the immense value of attending business events, including conferences, summits, congresses, seminars, conventions, and more. Every year, a diverse array of sports business industry events takes place worldwide, each carving its unique niche. Some zoom in on specific sports or leagues, while others delve into specialized topics like sustainability or media. With a wealth of enriching content, choosing which events to prioritize can be quite the task. When you factor in expenses like transportation, lodging, and entry fees, prospective attendees are confronted with a multitude of options and considerations. Navigating this sea of choices and ensuring you select an event that maximizes the return on your investment can be a daunting task.

Enter iWorkinSport’s Events You Can’t Miss (ECYM). We empower you with valuable information, enabling you to make well-informed decisions regarding your investment of time and money in some of the most renowned and respected events within the sports industry. EYCM streamlines the event selection process, ensuring that you approach your choices with confidence and enthusiasm, ultimately leading to a fulfilling and enriching experience. 

Check out three events below that you absolutely shouldn't miss. As we approach each event date, keep an eye out for more information, including articles and live interviews with event representatives. They'll be sharing what makes each event unique and why you should seriously think about joining in on the fun.

World Football Summit

What they say:

World Football Summit (WFS) is where the football industry’s leading stakeholders meet to shape the future of the most popular game. Since our first edition in 2016, the platform has evolved from a yearly gathering taking place in Madrid, focused on the European market, to a growing series of global on-site and online events that cover the challenges and opportunities of the different regions and sectors in this thriving industry. 

WFS Europe is our flagship event powered by a global community of decision-makers and professionals sharing a unique passion for the business of sports and a mission to spark discussion, generate business opportunities and promote knowledge and innovation to drive progress for the game and the industry at a global level. 

WFS Europe 2022, which for the first time ever took place in Sevilla, one of the sports capitals of the world, was the largest football congress held since the pandemic started, Now, as we prepare for our seventh edition, again in Sevilla and our 16th event overall, we aim to take the networking opportunities available to the next level and achieve the following figures: 

  • 2.500+ onsite attendees and 500+ online 
  • 250+ clubs, leagues and federations 
  • 150+ speakers 
  • 100+ countries 
  • 35 conferences

Dates and times:

September 20th and 21st 2023


FIBES – Palacio de Congresos - Sevilla, Spain


Physical / in-person and Streaming 

Ticket Prices:

- Corporate Pass - 760€ 

- Delegate Pass - 399€ 

- Networking and Streaming: 120€

- Student + Job Match: 360€ (sold out)

- Student: 260€ (sold out)

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Sportel Monaco

What they say:

“Created in 1989, after more than 30 years, SPORTEL continues to be the Home of the sports business industry.

With a main focus on the market side of the sports media rights and sportstech industry, the world’s leading Sports Content Media Rights and Technology Convention offers unique business opportunities.

We welcome decision makers of international media rights holders, TV networks, streaming platforms, sportstech companies and start-ups…. The buzzing market is the place to be, to connect and engage with the SPORTEL family. Your meetings will be complemented by an innovative conference summit and a wide range of sponsorship and networking opportunities.

Meet the international sports business industry in person in Monaco!”

Dates and times:

October 23rd, 24th and 25th 2023


Grimaldi Forum - Monaco



Ticket Prices:

- Regular Rate - 1,235€ 

- Onsite Rate - 1,495€ 

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Soccerex Miami

What they say:

“From the first time in 1996 and now entering our 27th year of operations, we have hosted 49 Soccerex’s in 21 Cities around the world, welcoming over 75,000 delegates and provided the industry’s leading professionals with a variety of formal and informal networking platforms, helping them to build, sustain and strengthen relationships within football globally. 

Soccerex welcomes football industry professionals from around the globe for the 50th physical event and what will be the 4th time we have hosted in Soccerex’s adopted home, the booming global sports hub that is the Magic City. 

Soccerex Miami will be held at the wonderful Mana Wynwood Convention Center, a venue that has been leading the way in the entertainment and arts industries since 2010. 70+ speakers will take the main stage, providing insight on a myriad of topics including but not limited to, performance, broadcasting, good governance, fan engagement, athlete development, technology, analytics, and major tournaments. 

There will be two full days of debate, discussion, networking, meetings, knowledge sharing and thought leadership, as senior figures from the football business industry come together again in amazing settings under the umbrella of the world’s leading football business event.”

Dates and times:

November 14th and 15th 2023


Mana Wynwood Convention Center - Miami


Physical / in-person

Ticket Prices:

- Delage Pass - $645

- VIP Delate Pass - $925

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