We Work In Sport OFFICE HOURS returns with coach Jacqui Edmiston

The next We Work In Sport OFFICE HOURS will take place on Tuesday, 25th July, at 13:30 CEST. The OFFICE HOURS session will be available exclusively on You may join for free.

OFFICE HOURS is an opportunity for the WeWorkinSport community to hear from experienced career and life coaches about breaking into the sports industry, growing your career and taking the right steps to successfully fulfill your career goals.

In this session, iWorkinSport’s founder and CEO Joao Frigerio will be chatting with mental fitness coach Jacqui Edmiston and answering career, work and life related questions from attendees.

Jacqui focuses heavily on utilizing research-based tools to help people strengthen the parts of their brain that serve them while quieting the parts of the brain that sabotages. She refers to this as mental fitness and has helped many people hone this skill to better handle life’s stresses and challenges with a more positive mindset. Additionally, her work helps people achieve optimal performance while avoiding burnout.

You can ask your questions during the live webinar or send them in advance - the ones sent in advance will have priority.

You may send a question in writing or, preferably, in video format. Send it via email to