Interview with Katie Simmonds, Global Chief Operating Officer at Sports Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA)

Join us on Wednesday 17th of February at 5pm CET, when we will be talking to Katie Simmonds, Global Chief Operating Officer at Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA).


Katie is a qualified solicitor who left the private sector to join the UK subsidiary of the International Centre for Sport Security, ICSS INSIGHT as Director of Sports Governance and Financial Integrity in 2015. During her time at the ICSS Insight, she managed several projects on integrity and transparency in sport and was the and is currently the Global Chief Operations Officer at the Sport Integrity Global Alliance. Katie is passionate about creating leadership pathways for women in the sports industry and leads the SIGA Global Mentorship Programme consisting of almost 100 mentors and mentees from around the globe. Interestingly enough, Katie was the first registered female rugby league and rugby union agent in the UK. All of these achievements show the great passion and love that she has for the world of sports, which is further proven by the fact that she practices sport every day and that she participated in two London Marathons.


This a great time to have Katie on the show, as SIGA is organising a web-summit on Female Leadership in Sport at the beginning of March 2021. During the interview, we will talk about her career, the challenges she faced in the industry and the necessary skills to have in order to make it in the sporting world. Considering her outstanding accomplishments as a female lawyer in what is, typically, a male dominated industry, we will be discussing female leadership and integrity in sports.


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