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Norun Laahne Thomassen


Team Coaching


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Virtual and/or in-person coaching.
A strong and healthy team culture is the single greatest differentiator and competitive advantage any team or organisation can achieve. When left unattended, team culture easily becomes dysfunctional. Team coaching helps the team intentionally shape and sustain a healthy and inclusive team culture that fosters engagement, performance and high value for all stakeholders.

I offer tailor-made coaching programmes for teams and/or entire organisations. 

Expected benefits:
  • A team assessment survey which reveals where the team is strong and healthy, and where high potential improvements can be leveraged.
  • Alignment around the team's purpose, core values, and desired behaviours as well as shared responsibility for maintaining these.
  • Co-responsibility and self-leadership at all levels within your team.
  • Enhance communication and constructive interaction within the team.
  • Address conflicts with confidence and use them as an opportunity to improve your relationships and discover new win-win solutions.
  • Learn to identify and replace toxic communication patterns with more healthy ones.
  • Deepen your mutual understanding and appreciation of individual differences.
  • Create a framework for continuous reflection and learning built into the team’s daily work.

Target group:
Teams or small/medium-sized organisations that want to enhance employee engagement and improve their agility and competitiveness.