Why an Education Match-Up QUIZ?

This week iWorkinSport is launching a new product, the Education Match-Up Quiz… but why?

What is the problem that we’re trying to solve, and why did we decide to launch a quiz?

The problem

It’s difficult for people interested in possibly investing in education to identify what are the best programs for them.

People looking to develop their careers in sports often ask me what is the best sports management course for them.

That's not an easy question to answer... especially because each person is different and looks for different things.

As many who know me will know, I did a Master in sports management almost 20 years ago (the FIFA Master), and I have to say that that was perfect... for me (and that moment in time).

That doesn't mean that it will be the same for everybody else. Different people have different needs, ambitions and resources. One person might want to take a full-time, in-person, program covering all sports, while someone else might prefer a part-time, online course with focus on football/soccer, etc.

The solution

That’s why we’re launching a new AI-powered Quiz to help prospective sports education candidates find the sports management programs that best fit their profile. 

Currently, there are more than 2,500 possible outcomes tailored to each candidate, depending on their answers to the quiz - and that number will grow exponentially, as we add more programs and options for the candidates to choose from.

Bonus: The Quiz not only benefits potential students, but also helps the programs in advertising to a specific demographic and generating high-quality leads from prospective candidates.  

Are you a prospective student considering a sports administration course?
Take the iWorkinSport Match-Up Quiz today!

The quiz was launched with 15 programs listed - all masters in sports management based in Europe - and the plan is to quickly expand, featuring alternative types of courses from many other regions. 

If you’d like to have your sports management program listed in the iWorkinSport Match-Up Quiz, contact us via email: info [at] 

Warm regards,

Joao Frigerio

Founder, iWorkinSport