Interview with Julia Willer, Human Resources Manager at FC Bayern München

FC Bayern Munich has been named one of the Top 5 Most Attractive Employers, in the category Football Clubs, in a study recently published by iWorkinSport. The interview with Julia Willer, Human Resources Manager at the club, was one of many interviews with top level recruiters featured in the report.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 people from all continents, with the majority already working in sport, and asked them a simple question: “If you could choose to work anywhere in sport, where would that be?” 

Initially, the respondents chose organisations divided into nine categories, and at the end, they indicated one single preferred choice, overall – the “Employer of their Dreams”.

The publication features rankings of the most attractive employers in sport divided in the following categories:  Football Clubs, Sports Teams (other than Football), Sports Teams in the USA, Sports Leagues, Sports Governing Bodies, Event Organisers, Sports Marketing Agencies, Sponsors, and Sporting Goods Companies.

Additionally, the report presents the aspects that candidates rate as most important when deciding where they would like to work.

To download the full report for free, click here.

Enjoy the interview with Julia Willer:

Why do so many people wish to work at FC Bayern?
We are pleased to hear that many people would like to work for us. I am convinced that there are various reasons as everyone is inspired differently. I would argue that our unique culture, the way we work together and interact, is what sets us apart from other brands. Being part of a football club, having such an emotional product and of course being this successful helps us to strengthen our employer brand as well.

What makes FC Bayern a great employer?
As mentioned before, looking at it from an internal perspective, our culture, working closely with all these great personalities, characters and excellent colleagues, is what makes it unique to work for this club. Being an employee means being responsible for various exciting projects that always have an impact on a large community. Always being part of the big picture and to know that the whole team is crucial for the overall success is strengthening our motivation and culture. 

Having offices in Munich, New York and Shanghai and a variety of jobs such as Sales Manager, Store Assistant, Brand Designer, working as a youth trainer or as a security guard for our team makes it exciting and attractive. There is always the opportunity within Bayern to address areas for improvement or to come up with a great idea.

How can FC Bayern become an even better employer?
There is always room for improvement. FC Bayern has a very successful history. The past as well as our tradition are very important to us, yet of course we are always striving to further enhance the strengths of Bayern Munich and to make targeted use of our potential. For this reason, we are constantly adapting and improving our HR processes to ensure the best possible working environment for our colleagues to unlock their full potential. We are currently focusing on our talent management process to be perfectly positioned for the future and to be able to concentrate on the individual strengths of our employees.

What are the changes caused by the covid-19 pandemic that will remain in the workplace, once the crisis has passed?
Flexible working models, agile solution finding and digital meeting culture will remain with us. At the same time, we are convinced that social interaction is the key to success. Socialising over coffee with a view of the football field at the Säbener Straße, on the FC Bayern Campus or in the Allianz Arena, for example, is crucial for our motivation and is essential for building relationships, solving complex challenges and generating ideas. Nevertheless, we could and can learn a lot from the crisis. It is important to keep the good things and not fall back into old patterns.  

Overall, we are very much looking forward to watching football live again with our colleagues in the Allianz Arena – the emotion, the motivation and the feeling of togetherness could not be higher.

What advice would you give to someone who dreams about working at FC Bayern?
Focus on your strengths, be passionate and keep going. I often observe our players: they always keep pushing their limits, manage to perfectly contribute their individual strengths to the team and always have a common goal in mind. Your professional qualification is the basic requirement for us, your character as well as the ability to be a team player and to inspire your colleagues are even more important for us. You should have a passion for football and if red is your favorite colour, you might be a good fit for our FC Bayern family.  You are welcome to visit our careers page. Even though the positions are currently only advertised in German, we look forward to receiving your application.