Interview with Natacha Schauenburg, Director People & Infrastructure at Infront Sports & Media

Natacha Schauenburg is the Director People & Infrastructure at Infront Sports & Media. The company was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Attractive Employers in Sport in the Category "Sports Marketing Agencies". This is one of many interviews with top recruiters in the industry that were published in a brand-new report by iWorkinSport.

The study surveyed more than 1,000 people from all continents, with the majority already working in sport, and asked them a simple question: “If you could choose to work anywhere in sport, where would that be?” 

Initially, the respondents chose organisations divided into nine categories, and at the end, they indicated one single preferred choice, overall – the “Employer of their Dreams”.

The publication features rankings of the most attractive employers in sport divided in the following categories:  Football Clubs, Sports Teams (other than Football), Sports Teams in the USA, Sports Leagues, Sports Governing Bodies, Event Organisers, Sports Marketing Agencies, Sponsors, and Sporting Goods Companies.

Additionally, the report presents the aspects that candidates rate as most important when deciding where they would like to work.

To download the full report for free, click here.

Enjoy the interview with Natacha Schauenburg:

Why do so many people wish to work at Infront?
We are #AllAboutSports – both from a business and a company culture perspective: we embrace all facets of the sports world. We have a strong reputation for innovation in the sports media and service solutions. Our continuous collaboration with our partners of several years, if not decades, is proof that we focus on delivering high quality, continuously. People who have passion for sports want to be part of a winning organization.

What makes Infront a great employer?
We know that people are our key to success. Hence, we want to make sure that we offer a great employee experience in a fulfilling workplace that attracts, develops and retains exceptional people with a passion for sport and what they do. Elements of such a fulfilling workplace are exciting jobs, possibilities to learn and grow, great comradery and taking the human and social needs of our employees seriously. That’s why we are also engaging into health and wellbeing aspects, which has turned out especially important in the past year. Even then, we are constantly exploring new ways to stay engaged and connected. 

How can Infront become an even better employer?
Whilst we are an attractive employer, we are never tired to reflect and improve. To be an even better employer, Infront constantly explores new ways and trends. One important tool are our workforce surveys to hear the voice of our people, because they are the best source to tell us what they need. During the pandemic, more than ever, we have made a real effort to uphold the constant communications with our people and teams to ensure we stay in touch, we address their needs and issues and we are not separated in minds. And as we are (hopefully soon) moving into post-pandemic times, we are re-thinking our workplace model, applying the lessons learned and trying to pick the best of both worlds.

The demands towards an attractive employer are continuously changing and we don’t have a catalogue of things that we tick off to be a good or better or great employer. But we are committed to listen and get into a dialogue with the employees. 

What are the changes caused by the covid-19 pandemic that will remain in the workplace, once the crisis has passed?
The biggest change caused by the pandemic for Infront was switching our workplace from one day to the other to 100% home office (at least for the majority of time and places). And with that, all the benefits and challenges that come with it. Moving forward, as “having a positive mindset” is one of our core values, we want to draw on the benefits and advantages of what we have learned and pick the best of both worlds – both the virtual and the real space.

Another re-thinking has happened across the world when it comes to looking at people in a more holistic way: we all have a private and a professional life that needs to be managed at the same time, we have a physical and a mental health that needs to be taken care of equally and we all belong to several teams and groups and a wider community which we want to serve. We want to take these learnings into account when talking about people processes or holistic benefits for our workforce.

What advice would you give to someone who dreams about working at Infront?
If you have a passion for sports, take initiative when it comes to new clients, partnerships and business opportunities, if you show integrity and excellence in your performance and feel best when united with other people and have a positive mindset – short: if you find yourself fitting to our core values, we could be the right match for you!

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