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Critical Digital Marketing Techniques Sports Professionals Should Know About

By Regina Jaden, exclusively for iWorkinSport.comWith the advent of the digital age, digital marketing has bec...

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Have you ever considered acting as the lawyer of an important football player?

Article by: Alessandro Carlini, Botond Pinter and Valeryia Lukhverchyk Would you like to act as a sports ...

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Why you should attend a job/career fair

A job fair, also known as a job expo, career expo, or career fair, is an event where employers, recruiters, an...

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The Best Sports Job Boards of 2023

At the core of iWorkinSport’s mission is to connect sports business employers with aspiring sports professio...

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SURVEY: Choose the Most Attractive Employers in Sports and WIN prizes!

Please fill in the survey below for the chance to win several prizes! ...

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The best ways to find a job in the sports industry – according to ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic for years, but since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT a c...

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Interview with Xavier Tissières, Director of Human Resources at the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Xavier Tissières is the Director of Human Resources at the International Olympic Committee. The IOC was named...

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Interview with Didier Rossi, Global Head of Human Resources at FIBA

Didier Rossi is the Global Head of Human Resources at FIBA. The International Basketball Federation was named ...

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Interview with Julien Baehni, Chief of Human Resources at UEFA

Julien Baehni is the Chief of Human Resources at UEFA. The European football's governing body was named earlie...

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