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The 10 Best Sports Job Boards of 2022


Following from the success of the first Best Sports Job Boards Guide, launched in 2021, iWorkinSport decided t...

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I minted an NFT and this is what I learned


By Danis Roberts - I am very bullish on NFT and Web3 and I believe it is not a fad, but a huge opportunit...

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5 new types of jobs in sports


In the past few years, new job roles have been created and redefined by organisations within the sports indust...

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Hit a meaningful goal in 2022


By NORUN LAAHNE THOMASSEN - In the last two years, the world has gone a bit crazy and it’s easy to...

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Getting it right: the right people in the right places


By Zarina Bahdur - The key to a successful team is that everyone plays their part as they move towards achievi...

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"Trust and knowing people" are the most critical aspects in recruitment in football


Do you ever wonder how Sporting directors,  senior and executive leaders in football clubs recruit middle...

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15 Must-Read Newsletters If You Work In Sport


The most valuable asset one can have is knowledge. In sport, as in any other business, being well informed is ...

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Sports Industry Powering Diversity and Inclusion


By Taruka Srivastava - The topics of “Diversity and Inclusion” have become the new buzz words within ...

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Interview with Andy Korner, HR Director at FIFA


Andy Korner is the Human Resources Director at FIFA, football's world governing body. The feder...

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