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Getting it right: the right people in the right places


By Zarina Bahdur - The key to a successful team is that everyone plays their part as they move towards achievi...

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15 Must-Read Newsletters If You Work In Sport


The most valuable asset one can have is knowledge. In sport, as in any other business, being well informed is ...

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Sports Industry Powering Diversity and Inclusion


By Taruka Srivastava - The topics of “Diversity and Inclusion” have become the new buzz words within ...

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Interview with Andy Korner, HR Director at FIFA


Andy Korner is the Human Resources Director at FIFA, football's world governing body. The feder...

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Interview with Tim Palmer, Senior Vice President, Global Recruitment at Endeavor


Endeavor has been named one of the Top 5 Most Attractive Employers in Sport, in the category Sports ...

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Why you should consider volunteering in sport


By Zarina Bahdur -  Volunteering and interning are under-rated entry points into the industry.As men...

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Interview with Julia Willer, Human Resources Manager at FC Bayern München


FC Bayern Munich has been named one of the Top 5 Most Attractive Employers, in the category Football Clubs, in...

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Interview with Xavier Tissères, Director of Human Resources at the IOC


The International Olympic Committee has been named one of the Top 3 Most Attractive Employers i...

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Interview with Natacha Schauenburg, Director People & Infrastructure at Infront Sports & Media


Natacha Schauenburg is the Director People & Infrastructure at Infront Sports & Media. The c...

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