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Field Marketing Sports Specialist - Mediterranean


Antalya, Turkey (On-site)



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The Field Marketing Sports Specialist (FMS) supports the Field Marketing Manager (FMM) in building the local face of Red Bull in their field in the most relevant way and in line with the global and national strategies and priorities. They work with the FMM to build strong local networks including opinion-leaders and key influencers both online (social media) and offline. They help to create and implement marketing initiatives in the four key pillars of the marketing mix (Consumer Collecting, Sports and Communications) leveraging On Premise, Off Premise and New Business opportunities and encompassing local needs and specificities and therefore impacting the heart of local consumers, ultimately leading to the successful development of the business. The FMS is constantly out ‘in the field’ to make things happen, this is not an ‘office’ job. Depending on their profiles and the needs of the region, FMS responsibilities vary considerably..

Areas of responsibility and tasks in which something can be made:


Work closely with the FMM on the implementation of the field strategy and on defining ideas and programs to build brand image and increase understanding of the product functionality on a local level.

Successfully execute program fundamentals in a truly tailored way, seizing opportunities to implement proven best practices where they suit local needs.

Drive consumer trial through activities in line with brand values, international guidelines and expectations to win consumers.

Drive relevance across a variety of consumption occasions and moments of need through tailored messaging, amplification of occasion campaigns and activating the right big moments in the region.

Work cross functionally, managing internal & external requests in line with regional priorities.


1.1.1 University

Set clear goals together with the Consumer Collecting Manager/Specialist (CCM / CCS) and FMM to drive trial that engages new users (e.g. freshmen & women) and expands the consumer base within universities in your region.

Communicate clear expectations and guidelines for Student Marketeers to effectively plan and deliver on infusing Red Bull into student life during key moments (study, sport, party, etc.), using a “from students for students” approach to create a credible brand image within universities and win students as loyal Red Bull consumers.

Ensure a strong sales support program in place to drive distribution and stimulate sales, excite the trade and improve in store visibility in and around university.

Work with your team to create exciting and relevant university initiatives that build brand and can love among students.

Use program tools and reporting features to steer an effective program focused on the right student groups and keeping a good balance among business priorities.

1.2 Sports Program

Support the FMM in developing and executing specific national and regional Red Bull owned programs.

Develop and execute field marketing initiatives in the right sport scenes for Red Bull and local consumers.

Build and activate relationships with key opinion leaders and important local networks within key sports for the region.

Identify opportunities to leverage the national and international athlete portfolio in the region.

Support national team & FMM in organizing events by taking over defined parts of bigger projects and realizing Small Fires.

Support in delivering a program with the right balance and involvement of 3rd party event properties in the right scenes.

Support the sports team to find out next generation innovative Red Bull event ideas or athlete projects.

1.3 Communications

Support the FMM in building communication plans for local event activations.

Constantly identify, analyze and align the latest digital marketing trends and emerging technologies, seek out new opportunities to apply them to the Red Bull strategy in alignment with the national communication team.

Support the creation of new format ideas and suggest possible adequate content for different channels.

Maximize opportunities to create consumer touch points in earned and owned media through locally relevant stories/experiences and a superb media network.


Support the FMM in creating and supporting key events, scenes and marketing opportunities in line with Red Bull brand values and relevant to the local consumer and media landscape, with a focus on participation.

Identify local heroes in relevant Red Bull scenes and work together with the FMM to bring them to the world of Red Bull.

Support in upholding a clean logistical system to ensure you having the right tools and management in place to support local needs, succeeding in premium appearance.

Always have the “consumer” and “brand” eye in every single initiative and ensure we talk to the consumer in the most effective and efficient way with a strong focus on digital & social media, while ensuring that all the communication stays within the brand equity.

2.1 Consumer Collecting Program

Spend time in the field with Student Marketeers, coaching them on the job in order to have excellence in program execution that is successfully building brand and can love. Activate national and international best practices in & around universities encompassing the core program objectives.

Ensure Student Marketeer have the required skills to conduct sales support activities thanks to great training tools like Ace of Sales.

Incorporate Indirect Sampling initiatives into the plan to broaden reach in occasions which are difficult to reach and where we can surprise our consumers.

2.2 Sports Program

Contribute to ‘wow’ locally relevant projects and activate/implement global and national athletes and activities.

Support the implementation of national and global events/projects with excellence.

Help with the creation and execution of appealing and local consumer relevant sport projects.

Activate and support global & national athletes while identifying & supporting local talent and heroes, driving can in hand outcome.

Leverage the Event Vehicle program in the right way to excite & surprise consumers.

2.3 Communication

Support the FMM in producing execution that reaches local media outlets (TV, radio, print, digital and social media).

Develop and implement great stand-alone digital ideas that engage consumers with the product / brand on digital platforms.

Support in developing customized editorial plans for single projects, crisis scenarios as well as product launches.


Support the FMM in developing, owning and executing new ideas that are locally relevant complementing the activation of global and national initiatives.

Based on the knowledge and understanding of the region, help come up with digital and social media initiatives as an integral part of success in field activities.

Identify and selectively support cross-marketing (with sales, marketing & Red Bull Media House) opportunities with integrated 360 plans that fit the needs of the region.

Involve the Consumer Collecting team in idea generation for the field and capitalize on their personal university lifestyle to identify technology / digitally / socially driven consumer trends early.

Lead the creative process with Student Marketeers for a constant flow of new ideas to build loyalty within the student audience.

You create compelling sales pitches to answer all category questions using the latest insights, research, and conclusions. If arguments are needed to achieve business goals, you support them with your technical know-how and conceptual work. You summarize the results in professional presentation documents and communicate them internally and externally.


Act as a role model and display the Red Bull values with a consistent tone of voice that is motivating and inspiring.

Ensure you have the right program set up, in the right areas to reach your target group, be flexible with resources so that we are always fishing where the fish are.

Drive efficiencies in our programs, using program tools to ensure we are set up for success and have the right use of outsourcing to keep balance in your time and maintain premium execution.

Support the national operations team to manage product stock with discipline.

Maintenance and management of program tools, POSM, cars and other branded items in a premium manner.

Consumer Collecting Program

Implement and uphold the national recruitment, on-boarding and training module for consistency.

Source & hire with no compromise brand fit Student Marketeers, with the right skills & attitude towards all business priorities.

Set every new hire up for success with a dedicated and consistent onboarding process.

Train and lead Student Marketeers with an ‘empowerment’ approach so they take ownership of their own targets that impact the business and give opportunities for development to the ‘top’ shining stars.

Lead and inspire the team by sharing the strategy and explaining how they fit into it, coaching on the job and inspiring them to focus on building brand and can love in their programs.

Maintain a growth environment and coach Student Marketeers towards development.


  • Ideally a former Student Marketeer who loves and lives the brand (the perfect entry level job) and who has possibly done an internship.
  • Understands the core scenes in the region and has strong networking skills.
  • Has already built and sustained personal relationships in local scenes (e.g. University, Culture, Sports, etc.).
  • Ideally a first experience in leading teams and managing people, in sales, working with commercial teams.
  • Work experience in sports industry, sport, events or marketing agency, sport institution or federation.
  • An understanding of sports-performance, specialist knowledge and experience.