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The Sports Career Guide - by Jessie Engelhart





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  • Online Certificate
  • Self-paced
  • online
  • English
Do you dream of working in Sports, but are you unsure of where and how to start your journey?
Then The Sports Career Guide is designed just for you!

It's a completely self-paced, online course that consists of various modules with explanatory videos, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets! This course is filled with practical insights and actionable advice and will be the blueprint to kick-starting your career in Sports! It will teach you how to identify the niche in the Sports industry that suits you best, become an expert, start gaining experience in the industry, grow a solid network and build your personal brand!

This guide is designed for aspiring Sports industry professionals who dream of turning their passion into their profession, but who are unsure of where and how to start their journey in this competitive but oh so exciting industry!

The guide is complementary to any other educational degrees you may be studying. Why? Because this guide is focused on the practical aspects of pursuing a career in this competitive and niche field. The stuff they do not teach you in classrooms, and the sooner you start applying these best practices, the better off you'll be!