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Sponsorship Level 1






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  • Online Certificate
  • At the student's own pace
  • online
  • English
One of the largest industries that based on its historic support has an intrinsic association with sports.

This course looks at how brands can associate themselves with the passion, values and loyalty associated with sports organisations; looking specifically at how to approach sponsorship from a brand, rights holder and agency perspective, to valuing a sponsorship asset and much more; giving you a rounded view of the sector and how it works.

But first, what are the modules, and who are the industry playmakers leading the courses?

  • Regional Differences: Eelco van der Noll, Head of Global Partnerships & Entertainment
  • Methods of Sponsorships: Ricardo Fort, Former Head of Global Sponsorships
  • Brand Activation: Dylan Wyn Pugh, Head of Commercial
  • Values & Objectives: Fergus Geekie, Former Head of International Commercial and Marketing
  • Benefits of Sponsorships: Rich Barker, Managing Director
  • Events as a Sponsorship Platform: Alexandra Smith, Commercial Director
  • Measuring Value: Roger Breum, Director of Marketing
  • Sponsorship or Partnership: Tim Crow, Former CEO of Synergy & Founder of Crow Business Services

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