Season 1 of the iWorkinSport LIVE Interview series: That's a wrap!

We, at the iWorkinSport team, would like to announce the end of Season 1 of the iWorkinSport LIVE Interview series. I hope you have enjoyed the insightful interviews with experienced and young sports business professionals and recruiters.

We believe that anyone working in sport - or who would like to start working in sport - will find invaluable career advice in this series of interviews. Here goes our big thank you to all interviewees, who graciously shared their knowledge and experience with our international audience.

If you’d like to watch any of the interviews, you can find them on our YouTube channel (or check the list below).

The good news is that we are already working on Season 2 – which will start in September. So, stay tuned!

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We look forward to being in touch with you again soon.

Kindest regards,

Joao Frigerio
Founder, iWorkinSport

iWorkinSport LIVE Interview - Season 1

Ep. 1 - The Current State of the Sports Job Market, feat. Joris Lacroix
Ep. 2 - The Impact of COVID-19 in the Sport Job Market, feat. Patrick Bucks
Ep. 3 - How to Excel at a Job Interview, feat. Vanessa Tribet
Ep. 4 - Finding Opportunities in a Time of Crisis, feat. Luis Granato
Ep. 5 - Building a Career in Sport, feat. Daniel Geey
Ep. 6 - How I Brought Coca-Cola to Sponsor the World Cup, feat. Patrick Nally
Ep. 7 - Overcoming the Psychological Challenges of Looking for Work During a Crisis, feat. Gabriel Behr Andrade
Ep. 8 - Leading Sports Sponsorship at a Global Brand, feat. Ricardo Fort
Ep. 9 - How to Start Working in Sports, feat. Adriene Bueno
Ep. 10 - Leading the World Surf League in Latin America, feat. Ivan Martinho
Ep. 11 - Building a Personal Brand Through Podcast, feat. Ed Bowers
Ep. 12 - Challenges of Black Women Working in Sport, feat. Eden Ghebresellassie and Neikelle Moore