Working in Sports in Saudi Arabia - Live Interview with Marina Nishitani, Events Planning Expert

Ever wondered what it's like to be at the heart of sports events in Saudi Arabia? Well, wonder no more! We’re thrilled to announce that Marina Nishitani, the seasoned mega-sports events planning expert, will be joining us LIVE for a chat you can't miss. Save the date: this Thursday, April 4th at 6pm CEST. This is your chance to get the inside scoop directly from the source!

From the electric atmosphere of Formula 1 races to the historic moments of the Rio 2016 Olympics, Marina has been behind the scenes, being part of teams to ensure everything runs smoothly and spectacularly. And now, she’s bringing her wealth of experience and unique insights to our iWorkinSport LIVE series, focusing on the vibrant sports scene in Saudi Arabia.

With a rich educational background in Journalism and Marketing, and practical insights from roles in some of the most prestigious events worldwide - and focused in Saudi Arabia since 2019, Marina is more than equipped to share the realities, challenges, and triumphs of working in sports in the country that is investing heavily in sports of late. Especially if you are interested in opportunities to work in Saudi too.

Interested? So, join us LIVE to hear Marina Nishitani share her journey through the world of international event management, offering a glimpse into her strategies for success and her vision for the future of global events. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with Marina during the live Q&A session - bring your questions and be ready to be inspired.