Education Virtual Expo concluded with "real talk" about career after a master in sports

The final day of the iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo wrapped up with an interactive panel “Life After a Master in Sports” in which alumni from prestigious sports management postgraduate programs discussed the real benefits that such courses brought to their professional lives. An active audience also had their questions answered by the panelists.

Pablo Zarate, Vice President SUM International Properties at Major League Soccer (MLS) and alumnus of the University of Liverpool’s Football Industries MBA, said that he decided to pursue a sports management degree because he wanted a career change. “I wanted to become a professional footballer but because that didn’t happen, I wanted to pursue something closer to football. A sports management degree helped me get back to football, if only off the court”, he said. For him, a highlight of his Masters was the friendship he developed from people all over the world.

Shalini Krishnan, alumna of the FIFA Master reflected on the importance of the course in her professional life: “I was looking for a structured education, and I got it through the master. The FIFA Master also brought me all my contacts in sport”, she said. “Coincidentally, I learned about the new job I’m about to start through an alumnus of the FIFA Master, who also help me in the process.”

Marely Flores, Women's Football Tournaments Manager at FIFA and alumna of the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) decided to do pursue a sports management degree when she went to US in a student exchange programme. She elaborates: “I was studying marketing and also played football in my university. I started contacting people from various programs, as I knew I wanted to work for FIFA eventually, and I knew the path wasn’t going to be easy.”

Gustavo Spanholi, Partnerships Manager, International Relations at The Football Association, and also an alumnus of University of Liverpool’s FIMBA said: “I reached to the point in my initial career where I wanted to change things. I wanted to do something outside my home country and for us Brazilians it’s a challenge to cross the ocean and go to Europe. I wanted to do a Masters in Sports and have a different life experience and it was then I started to explore courses.”

When asked if they felt they’ve made a good decision, by studying in a masters in sport, all were super positive about it. Gustavo said that his dreams came through, in part, thanks to his MBA, while Shalini said “I love my current life in Europe and I don’t think I would have gotten here without the master”.

You can watch the full video here.

Before the closing panel, the final day of the event saw presentations by Real Madrid Graduate School, University of Oregon, The Football Business Academy, Johan Cruyff Institute, The FIFA Master, University of Liverpool and European Sport Business School (ESBS).

Meanwhile, the presentations from last week are also available for watching on demand until this Friday. If you would still like to check the presentations or know more about the programs, then you can still log on to the iWorkinSportEducation Virtual Expo, and although the course representatives won’t be there, you can message them directly, if you require more information.

iWorkinSport would like to thank everyone who attended the event, and send a special thanks to the Academic Partners, who were paramount for the success of the event.

We look forward to seeing you in the next one.