Eye-opening keynote speech and panel close Day-1 of the iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo

A panel entitled ‘Be Creative, Add Value: How To Get Ahead In Sport’ ended the Day-1 of the iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo on a high note.

Keynote speaker Simon Chadwick, Professor of Eurasian Sport and Director of the Centre for Eurasian Sport at Emlyon, highlighted how passion is quintessential to succeed but one needs to have knowledge about the job one is applying for as well.

The session moved on to the panel discussion with the participation of Roya Derakhshan, Lecturer of Project Management at SDA Bocconi School of Management; Babatunde Buraimo, Senior Lecturer in Sports Management; and Victor Jordan, Academic Director at Johann Cruyff Institute.

You can still watch the full panel discussion at the event’s virtual auditorium. The panel was moderated by Lavinia Falese, Assistant Professor in Sport Sciences at University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

At his presentation, professor Chadwick stated: “One of the best things about working in sport is that you can fulfil your passion. If you have passion for something and knowledge/insight, it can actually make you a good employee, a better worker.  However, I want to qualify that statement. Not all employers in sports want people who feel passionately about sports. There are employers who are looking for people who are cold, not-passionate from a very commercial perspective without emotion or deep engagement with the sport. So the advice for anyone who’s going to work in sport, is you need to know the business you are applying for, what kind of people are the employers looking for?  Are they looking for people who are deeply engaged with sport or are they looking for people who are not so engaged with the sport?”

He further emphasized how anyone who wants to work in the sports industry needs to commit to lifetime of learning, lifetime of development and lifetime of scanning opportunities alongside committing to qualifications as well. Personal branding is another aspect he spoke out. In managing one’s career, one needs to think about their personal brand and embrace that notion.  

Roya Derakhshan also focused on the importance of having a wide network as it helps students.  She further highlighted how the core-competency of both men and women are the same but still women have to put in more effort to prove themselves in the field.

Victor Jordan commented that soft-skills such as leadership, passion, teamwork are needed for anyone who wants to succeed in getting employed within the sports industry.

Babatunde Buraimo emphasised that “those looking to enter the industry must really have a good knowledge of what’s happening within the industry and the pace with which it is changing. This is quite crucial because with that knowledge and understanding, it allows the individuals to help the industry move forward.”

Rohit Ramasubramanian, General Manager - New Ventures at the Rajasthan Royals said: "We're extremely pleased with the response we've received through our participation at the Expo. For us to have a platform where hundreds of both established and budding professionals come together and have that direct access to our representatives is a bonus. Having established our Royals School of Business fairly recently, we were also able to utilize the platform to create that brand awareness among prospective candidates from across the globe, which puts us in good stead."

Catherine Bazinaw, Marketing Officer, University of Bath said: “The event platform was beautifully designed. We engaged with quite a few prospective students in our booth and were able to generate some good interest.”

Johnmark Ampomah Mensah Fobi, an attendee, posted: “I really love this opportunity given by the iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo. It was very educative and I really appreciate it.”

Day-2 of the iWorkinSport Education Virtual Expo will be on 3rd November, with opening times adjusted for the Americas’ time zones. It is a free event ideal for anyone who’s considering investing in education as a way to boost their sports career – whether already in the industry or looking to enter it.

iWorkinSport is furthering offering a scholarship of up to € 5,000 to an attendee of the Education Virtual Expo who eventually enrols in a course offered by one of the event’s Academic Partners.

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