Live Interview with Sandy Case, CEO at iSportLearn and Chief Strategy Officer at iSportConnect

Join us on this Thursday, 17th June at 19h CEST for another episode of the iWorkinSport LIVE Interview series. 

In this episode we will be speaking with Sandy Case, CEO of iSportLearn, a global education platform designed to change the diversity of the sports industry and allow people to accelerate their careers.

He also serves as Chief Strategy Officer at iSportConnect, iSportLearn's parent company and the world's largest private sports business community aimed at executives working within the world of sport. He brings a wealth of experience also having held senior roles at Morgan Stanley, ASO, Benchmark as well as starting several award winning businesses within retail and health.

Wanna know more about the importance of education in the sport industry and find out more about a new affordable offer?
Do not miss this eye-opening session this Thursday at 19h CEST!