Live interview with David Fowler, Co-Founder of SportsTech Match

Join us on this Thursday, 3rd June at 18h CEST for another episode of the iWorkinSport LIVE Interview series. 

In this episode we will be speaking with David Fowler, Co-founder of SportsTech Match, the sports technology marketplace. 

SportsTech Match helps sports executives working in both the business and performance side of sport to find and acquire the right digital technology solutions to solve their problems. This is done together with the best sports technology vendors available in the market. 

An ex-football player, David's journey involves experience from a UK-based marketing agency, to 12 years at the governing body of football, FIFA and Dutch live-streaming platform MyCujoo. 

A graduate of the prestigious FIFA Master, David brings immense knowledge of the global sports marketing landscape, is passionate about helping teams grow and delivering results. 

Do not miss this eye-opening session this Thursday at 18h CEST!

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